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BeauuGreen Hydrogel Eye Patch

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  • South Korea South Korea
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BeauuGreen Hydrogel Eye Patch


Hydrogel is a gel consisted of highly natural polymeric networks with excellent skin-adhesion effects. It releases active ingredients to the skin by reacting at the body temperature of 36.5℃, delivering moisture and nutrients deeply into the skin. The loss of active ingredients is minimal as they get absorbed into the skin and melt slowly at the body temperature.
Eye patch is a spot-specific product, which provides nourishment and moisture to the sensitive eye rims.


Beauty Cosmetic Co., Ltd is a cosmetic company equipped with CGMP(Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) facility, developing and manufacturing skin care products with OEM & ODM such as Hydro-gel Mask, Hydro-gel Eye Patch, and Bio-cellulose Mask Pack. The company has been continuously growing and expanding into both domestic and international markets such as USA, EU, Japan and Southeast Asia.